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Bioheat: The Evolution of Oilheat

Bioheat® Heating Oil Is Great for Oilheat Customers

bioheat® heating oil logo One of the best recent innovations in home heating is the pairing of heating oil with renewable biodiesel to create Bioheat® heating oil. Bioheat® heating oil is a safe, proven fuel that outperforms other heating fuels in terms of energy content, cleanliness and renewability.

Best of all, Bioheat® heating oil generally costs no more to buy than traditional heating oil, and it draws on American-made resources. When you choose Bioheat® heating oil, you support American agriculture as well as the nation's alternative energy industry.

Many Delaware Valley energy companies sell Bioheat® heating oil to their customers today, and more will be offering it in the years ahead.

Bioheat® Heating Oil Basics

Bioheat® heating oil is a perfect substitute for traditional heating oil. It is created by blending heating oil, which is a petroleum product very similar to diesel fuel, with biodiesel made from renewable, organic feedstocks. Here are a few important facts... Soybeans
  1. Bioheat® heating oil is approved for use in heating oil applications. ASTM, the international standards body, has studied Bioheat® heating oil extensively and found it so similar to heating oil that ASTM rewrote the definition of heating oil to include Bioheat® heating oil blends up to B5 (95 percent heating oil, 5 percent biodiesel). Higher blends are also being tested with positive results.
  2. No system modifications are required. You can use Bioheat® heating oil in any heating oil appliance with no equipment modifications.
  3. Potent fuel: Biodiesel has the highest energy content of any alternative energy source,
  4. Bioheat® heating oil expands the food supply. By raising soybeans for biodiesel, farmers make more soy protein available for use in the food supply, because biodiesel production does not require the soy protein.
  5. Bioheat® heating oil is a flexible fuel. Biodiesel can be made from a wide variety of materials, including soybean oil, waste cooking oil, food production byproducts and more.
  6. Bioheat® heating oil can use less petroleum. Most of today's Bioheat® heating oil contains less than 20 percent biodiesel, but tests are being performed on higher blends with positive results. It is likely that customers will be able to use blends in the future that contain more than 50 percent renewable biodiesel.

Advantages of Using Bioheat® Heating Oil

Choosing Bioheat® heating oil as your heat source is great for you, the environment and the United States. Here is a quick look at the principle benefits of using Bioheat® heating oil...
  • No changes required: You can heat with the same equipment, use the same supplier and rely on the same technicians to service your equipment.
  • Cleaner emissions: Bioheat® heating oil burns cleaner than other fuels and emits less particulate matter, nitrogen and sulfur than traditional Oilheat.
  • Cleaner heating equipment: Bioheat® heating oil is also cleaner inside your equipment, so your oil dealer can extend the interval between system check-ups.
  • Preserving energy resources: The biodiesel in Bioheat® heating oil is renewable. Every gallon of biodiesel you use saves 4.6 gallons of crude oil.
  • Enhancing the Food Supply: Using Bioheat® heating oil improves the food supply because soybean farmers grow more soy, and there is more soy protein available for the food supply. (Biodiesel uses only soy oil, so it does not compete with food production.)

Bioheat® Heating Oil Usage Makes America Stronger

Bioheat® heating oil is not only good for you and your home. It also helps the U.S. economy. Here are some of the ways that using Bioheat® heating oil makes America stronger...
  • American jobs: When you use Bioheat® heating oil, you are buying American-made biodiesel. You are supporting the alternative energy industry and helping to create U.S. jobs.
  • Less imported energy: Every gallon of biodiesel that we blend into Bioheat® heating oil is one less gallon of petroleum that the U.S. needs. Using Bioheat® heating oil reduces the need for oil imports.
  • Political security: By increasing usage on domestically produced biodiesel, Bioheat® heating oil reduces U.S. dependence of oil-producing nations that may be hostile to the U.S.

The Bioheat® Heating Oil Opportunity

Oil dealers have made a choice to sell fuel that is better for the environment than any of the competing fuels on the market, including natural gas. We will reach that goal in the near future by selling fuel that blends ultra low sulfur heating oil with 12 percent or more biodiesel. When ultra low sulfur heating oil is used in a B12 blend (12% biodiesel), it burns cleaner than natural gas with lower emissions.

Researchers are working to ensure a steady, affordable supply of biodiesel by expanding the choice of feedstocks. Research is now under way to create biodiesel from...
  • algae
  • pennycress
  • seashore mallow
  • low ricin castor
  • jatropha.
To learn more about Bioheat® heating oil, please visit the National Biodiesel Board's Bioheat® heating oil website.

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