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You can enjoy virtually unlimited hot water with Oilheat!

Hot Water
Did you know that installing an indirect oil-fired water heater can lead to hot water year-round for extremely low cost? By switching your gas water heater to an Oilheat indirect-fired water heater or boiler coil, you'll enjoy longer, hotter showers. Better yet, in the fall, winter and spring, you'll get virtually unlimited hot water because it runs off your current heating boiler.

What is an indirect water heater?

An indirect water heater uses your home's space heating system to also heat your home's water supply. The indirect water heater circulates water through a heat exchanger in the boiler whenever more hot water is needed.. The heated water then flows into a separate insulated storage tank.

Installation of an indirect water heater is simple and inexpensive. Because the unit draws on boiler energy, it does not require its own venting. No fuel lines and no electric elements are required.

Efficient and HOT!

Since the boiler does not need to operate frequently, having an indirect oil-fired water heater is very efficient. In fact, when an indirect water heater is used with a highly efficient boiler, this combination provides one of the least expensive methods of water heating.

With a family of four, 50% of the electric bill is attributed to an electric hot water heater. With a separate oil fired hot water heater, you can't run out of hot water!

In addition, because Oilheat has a high BTU content (a measurement of the fuel's heating capacity), it will quickly replenish your hot water supply. And Oilheat's fast recovery rate (the length of time it takes to reach the right temperature) means you won't walk into a cold shower in the morning. Hotter water ... faster: that's what you'll get with an indirect oil-fired water heater.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact your local Oilheat dealer today and see how Oilheat can keep you comfortable - in or out of the shower.

Check out Oilheatamerica.com for more information on getting virtually unlimited hot water with Oilheat.

Did you know...?

If electricity powers your hot water heater, you're spending more than you have to. An oil-fired unit is not only more efficient, it also creates hot water 2-5 times faster than electricity.

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