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Oilheat Offers Superior Safety, Efficiency and Comfort

Oilheat is a great fuel that has important advantages over other fuels that you can use for heating, particularly natural gas. Below is a detailed look at the benefits of heating your home or business with oil. To find a full-service Oilheat dealer in your area, enter your ZIP code in the box on the right or see our complete list of DVFDA Dealers.

Oilheat Is Safe

Safety is one of the best reasons for choosing Oilheat. We have all seen news stories about deadly explosions caused by natural gas. Natural gas is delivered by a pressurized pipeline, and when a leak occurs gas can accumulate inside the house and cause a very dangerous situation.

Oilheat, on the other hand, is stored in a tank on the property, where it poses no risk of explosion. In fact, Oilheat at room temperature will not even ignite at the touch of a match. (The fuel would have to be heated to 140 degrees in order to ignite.)

Natural gas also poses a greater risk of carbon monoxide poisoning than Oilheat does, because a gas heating system can produce carbon monoxide without warning, creating the risk of poisoning by this invisible, odorless gas. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission reports that in 2008 (the most recent year for which statistics are available), 51 of the 67 carbon monoxide deaths related to home heating nationwide involved gas heating equipment. In the unlikely event that an Oilheat system malfunctions, it will produce smoke, rather than emitting deadly carbon monoxide without warning.

Oilheat Is Economical

Oilheat has an excellent track record on price. For the majority of the past two decades, from 1992 to 2012, Oilheat was less expensive than natural gas in Pennsylvania on a BTU-for-BTU basis, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. That comparison does not even account for the additional charges that gas utilities impose on customers, such as basic monthly charges, delivery charges, supply charges, cost adjustment charges, distribution charges, taxes, franchise fees and administration charges. When you purchase Oilheat from a Delaware Valley fuel dealer, you pay the per-gallon price only with no hidden charges.

Both fuels are subject to price fluctuations, and one fuel can gain a temporary price advantage. History shows, however, that the prices of natural gas and heating oil track each other closely, and the prices tend to be comparable. Utility claims of short-term paybacks on fuel conversion investments are unrealistic at best. So if you are thinking of switching, don't just take them at their word, ask them for a commitment in writing.

Customers Benefit From the Competition in Oilheat

One of the most significant differences between Oilheat and natural gas is competition. While independent Oilheat dealers compete aggressively for business, natural gas utilities are largely sheltered from competition. There is only one natural gas pipeline network in each community, and it is controlled by the utility that sells the gas, so meaningful competition is hard to attain. To shop Oilheat dealers in your area, enter your ZIP code in the search box at the top of the page.

Oilheat Is Pushing the Frontiers of Clean Combustion

Delaware Valley fuel dealers are working to protect the environment by delivering cleaner fuel to our customers. With the active support of our members, the state Legislature is revising the Commonwealth's fuel regulations to require the use of ultra low sulfur heating oil. With only 15 parts per million sulfur content, this new fuel eliminates about 97 percent of the sulfur so the fuel burns cleaner. Harmful emissions are reduced, and your system stays cleaner, runs more efficiently and requires less maintenance.

Oilheat Is Mostly From the Americas

Heating oil is refined from crude oil that comes mostly from the Americas. The United States produces much of its own crude oil, and most of the oil we import comes from Canada, our largest international supplier, and Mexico, our third largest international supplier.

Much of the heating oil we use is refined from crude oil in the U.S., and producers are planning to improve the pipeline system to bring more heating oil and other products to the Northeast from refineries in the Midwest and the Gulf Coast.

Oilheat Draws on a Renewable Supply

Oilheat can be blended with renewable biodiesel made from plants and food waste to create Bioheat® heating oil. Suitable for use in all Oilheat systems, Bioheat® heating oil extends the fuel supply and makes each gallon of petroleum go farther.

When you use Bioheat® heating oil in your home, you are:
  • Supporting America's alternative energy industry
  • Helping create new American jobs
  • Reducing your household emissions
  • Helping America achieve energy independence.

Oilheat Dealers Offer Budget Plans

Homeowners already budget many of their weekly and monthly expenses like groceries and Internet services, so it only makes sense that many heating oil providers offer budget plans as well. Some of the most popular plans allow Oilheat costumers to control their expenses by splitting their bills into monthly payments so that costs won't spike during the colder months. Other options, such as fixed price programs and price-cap contracts, protect Oilheat consumers against fluctuations in the market. For a list of Delaware Valley Oilheat dealers offering budget plans and other payment options, click here.

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