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Oilheat Offers Numerous Advantages to Customers

Oilheat is an excellent heating fuel that is becoming even better thanks to some important changes in the fuel itself and the improvements in the supply of petroleum and renewable biofuels.

Here are 10 great reasons to choose Oilheat for your home or business.

The Oil Supply Is Improving

Thanks to increases in domestic drilling and new finds in North Dakota and Texas, the U.S. has replaced Saudi Arabia as the world's biggest oil producer, according to a study conducted by the PIRA Energy Group and reported on by Reuters. Experts predict the U.S. will retain its lead through 2030, which means the prices of Oilheat and Gasoline should continue to fall for years to come.

Renewables Expand Customers' Options

Heating oil customers can feel confident about the fuel supply. Not only is petroleum production expanding in the U.S. (See No. 1 above), the alternative energy industry is producing an abundance of biodiesel in the U.S. made from renewable resources such as soybean oil and waste cooking oil. Biodiesel is very similar to heating oil, and the two fuels can be blended to create Bioheat® heating oil, which is safe for use in all standard Oilheat systems. To find an Oilheat or Bioheat® heating oil dealer near you, enter your ZIP code on the right or view our full dealer listing.

Many Countries Produce Oil

When it comes to Oilheat, there will always be an abundant supply — even during the coldest months. In fact, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in the U.S. has a capacity of 727 million barrels — the world's largest emergency oil stockpile — in addition to a 1-mllion-barrel heating oil reserve. There are over 50 oil-producing countries, and the U.S. is not dependent on any one country or region for its supply.

Crude Oil Imports Top 10 Countries, August 2013

(According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration)

Imports (bbl/day)
2.Saudi Arabia1,432,000

Oilheat Provides 'Personal Energy Independence'

Unlike natural gas customers, Oilheat customers are not tied to the energy grid. Instead, every Oilheat customer maintains an independent supply in a tank on their own property. Whenever you fill your tank, you have a generous supply in hand that can get you through weeks or even months of the coldest winter weather. Gas customers, on the other hand, lose heat any time their gas delivery service is interrupted. To set yourself on the path toward personal energy independence, contact an Oilheat dealer near you.

Oilheat Is Emerging as the Cleanest Fuel

The Oilheat supply is undergoing an important transition that is very beneficial to both customers and the environment. Suppliers are replacing traditional Oilheat with a new formulation known as ultra low sulfur heating oil that reduces sulfur content by as much 99 percent. Less sulfur in the fuel means your heating system stays cleaner and operates more efficiently, so you spend less on both fuel and service. Low-sulfur fuel also generates fewer harmful emissions. Some States have mandated the switch to lower sulfur fuels, and more are to follow. At the same time, many dealers are offering this new fuel even without the mandates, because they know their customers want clean-burning fuel.

Oilheat Offers Freedom of Choice

Oilheat customers can choose their supplier, rather than being locked in to one utility the way that many gas heat customers are. When you are free to choose, you can find a supplier who offers the price and level of service that you prefer. Click here for a list of Oilheat companies in and around the Philadelphia five county area.

Great Customer Service Is an Oilheat Specialty

Oilheat customers expect great customer service, and they should. Oilheat companies are constantly competing for business, and they tend to treat their customers very well. Unlike a natural gas utility, an Oilheat company knows that customers are free to switch companies at will, so they deliver great service to foster customer loyalty. All DVFDA Oilheat companies offer a full range of services, so customers can count on them for every home comfort need.

Oilheat Is Safe

Safety is one of the best features of Oilheat. There is virtually no risk of explosion with Oilheat, because the fuel is much less volatile than other petroleum products like gasoline or natural gas. In fact, a match will go out if it is dropped into a room-temperature bucket of heating oil. Even a propane torch wouldn't ignite it. Natural gas, on the other hand, causes numerous home explosions every year.

Oilheat Is Efficient

Oilheat customers can make energy price hikes virtually insignificant by upgrading to the latest high-efficiency equipment. Boilers and furnaces with efficiency ratings above 91 percent use fuel so efficiently that homeowners can ride out seasonal price spikes without seeing a huge difference in their fuel bills.

Oilheat Equipment Is Technologically Advanced

Oilheat is a popular choice in the U.S. and many other countries, and many manufacturers are competing to build the best, most energy-efficient Oilheat equipment. Many new systems incorporate money-saving technologies like microprocessor-based controls, variable-speed blowers, multi-stage burners, secondary heat exchange and sophisticated mixing valves.

With all the inherent advantages Oilheat offers, it is no surprise that millions of homes and businesses use heating oil as their fuel of choice.

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